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Features & Benefits
  • Retire your existing backup solution or use it in conjunction with E-Backups to satisfy disaster recovery requirements by storing your data off-site automatically. This eliminates the need to manage off-site tape rotation.

  • E-Backups offers your administrator the ability to "lock down" certain functions on each client. This assures you that critical backup sets are not accidentally changed or deleted. The software is flexible enough that any time, administrators can view or change the settings that control the level of usage each client is offered.

  • Unique silent mode setting will allow your program to run silently in the background without displaying any Windows or Task Bar icons. This allows you to perform critical backups throughout the day and ensure that if you have an immediate need to run a backup it won't interfere with other tasks you need to complete.

  • Interrupted backups complete at the next available time. This important feature allows you to resume at a later time. If a scheduled backup is missed, the next time your computer is started the Event Manager will display the missed event and ask you what you want to do. This is useful for laptop users who may be out of the office during a scheduled backup.

  • Backup only what you don’t want to lose. Including or excluding files from the backup selection is made easy with the File Filter system. This allows you to easily create custom backup sets. Filters can be created to search by file extensions, (.doc, .xls, .pst) avoiding the hunt through your hard drive for specific files. If a user or administrator creates a specific useful filter, it can easily be shared with any other users.

  • After installation, a small application is configured to run in your Windows System Tray. This application monitors the backup process and gives you quick access to the most useful functions.
             • Backup and Close – Run a backup and then close the application when finished.
             • Backup and Logoff – Run a backup and logoff the system when finished.
             • Backup and Shutdown – Run a backup and shutdown the system when finished.

  • Low CPU utilization. We know that some backups are done while you are working on the system and some backups are done after hours. We allow you to easily change the CPU utilization to meet your needs. You can give the backup application all the processing power it needs, or make it subordinate to other tasks.

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