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Features & Benefits

Microsoft Exchange is by far the best and most popular business email and collaboration product, but there’s a catch: running Exchange ‘in-house’ (that is, in your own offices, using your own hardware and software) is very expensive.

Upfront costs can exceed $5,000 – and this doesn’t include staff time to maintain it. This is why smaller businesses typically choose ‘hosted’ Exchange.

‘Hosted’ means that a specialist IT company runs the Exchange server and charges businesses a small monthly fee to use it. Compare what is involved:

In-house Exchange
Hosted Exchange from Missouri Data Systems
Cost of software
Hundreds of Dollars
Cost of IT hardware
Thousands of Dollars
Time to get up and running
Days or even weeks
Within 24hrs
24x7 maintenence and suport
Contract guaranteeing email 'uptime'
Server located in advanced data center
Regular backup in case of equipment failure or human error Time-consuming, often slips due to pressures
Anti-virus, anti-spam to protect against system threats Time-consuming, often slips due to pressures
Wireless options like Blackberry and Treo
Separate licenses & servers

(Add. setup & monthly fees apply)

Having email and collaboration that always works is now essential to doing business - and downtime is unacceptable.

In-house Exchange servers - usually in a basement or closet not designed for sensitive IT equipment - can not match the reliability of hosted Outlook/Exchange.

Hosted Outlook/Exchange companies like Missouri Data Systems partner with companies that manage servers in large purpose-built datacenters with backup power, air conditioning and Internet connections. Below are the main threats to your email system:

In-house Exchange
Hosted Exchange from Missouri Data Systems
One server - all email depends on this.
Cluster of servers - if one stops working the others take over
Data Storage
One or two hard disk drives - all email depends on this.
Large cluster of drives which automatically share workload if one fails
Manual - sometimes slips due to time pressures
Automatic and frequent
E-mail security (anti-virus, anti-spam)
Updates not always made frequently enough
Continuous 24x7 updates
Data connection
Single data line to the Internet
Multiple connections, direct to Internet backbone
Physical environment
Low-quality environment, power, air conditioning system
Tier-1 datacenter (as used by Google and Yahoo!)

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